Cat Toys Are Easy To Make

No doubt about it, cats love toys. You can find articles about household items that can be used for your cat to play with but are they safe and do you really want your cat playing with them?

Things like aluminum foil made into balls for kitty to play with are an inexpensive way to make a toy for your feline friend. The truth is, this is not a safe material for your kitty to play with. It will work for a while but the foil will eventually become unwrapped and may become ingested causing serious stomach problems requiring surgery and can be fatal.

Cats will play with almost anything. There are many household items suggested as toys for cats. As a pet parent, you are responsible to make sure the things they play with are safe. Rubber bands, paper clips, foil balls and plastic milk caps are not intended for animals to play with or chew on. Don’t be fooled by allowing your pet to play with items that were never intended for pets play.

If you really want to make a toy for your kitty, use materials that will not harm your fur baby. Use an ordinary piece of cotton. The cotton can be cut out of an old shirt or a bed sheet. It doesn’t need to be huge, maybe a square piece that’s six inches by six inches. Fold the material in half diagonally (like a triangle). You don’t even need a sewing machine. Hand sew one side of the triangle. Stuff the now three sided pouch with fresh catnip, sew up the last open seam. Your cat will go bonkers with this toy. Scratch and Purr

The toy doesn’t have to be pretty. Your cat does not care about pretty. The catnip should be fresh. Any unused catnip should be stored in a sealed plastic bag, out of kitty’s reach of course. One bag of catnip will make several toys. Make one toy at a time, when the scent wears off throw it away and make a new one.

This is a very inexpensive way to make a toy for your cat. The materials used are safe for your feline friend to play with. Nothing special is needed. An old piece of cloth, fresh catnip, a needle and thread and a few minutes of your time will give your cat several hours, even days of playtime, and of course free entertainment for you!

A simple and safe toy for your kitty, if you are creative, the sky is the limit. You could add a soft cloth ribbon (gift wrapping ribbon should never be used) that dangles while the toy is being batted around or yarn or even a feather. Beads and other materials that could be swallowed should not be used. Before you attach anything to your homemade cat toy remember that your kitty will lick it, chew it and generally put the toy into his or her mouth. Make sure whatever you include in your toy is a safe material for your cat.

Homemade toys are an inexpensive way to keep your cat happy. You can also find a bit fancier of a homemade toy online or even homemade cat toy kits which include all the materials, you just put it together. Whatever you decide to make for your cat to play with, it should be something that is safe for your fur baby and not something that would have otherwise gone into the trash.



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