How to Select the Best Device Driver Scanner

Looking for the best online driver scanner to update your device drivers? Manually searching on the internet for a single driver is a time-wasting, skill-demanded task. Using a device driver scanner, also called driver updater, is an easy and quick way to get the latest drivers for your hardware.

But if you enter the words “best driver updater” and search with Google, you will get hundreds of results. Which one is the best? In the article, I will tell you the criteria to separate good driver scanners from the incompetent ones.

What I attach great importance to is the system compatibility of the programs. You should know that a certain device has a variety of different drivers for different systems. If you are using Windows 7 operating system, you will never want to install drivers that are programmed for Windows XP or Vista. If you install a driver scanner that doesn’t support Windows 7, it will install XP drivers for your devices. What will happen next? It would just like you drive a car on the right of a roadway! Clackmann Weather

Troubles will follow. Your devices will not work properly; you computer will has no sound at all; your printer will not respond; etc. In a worst case, your computer will crash down. So you must make sure your systems are supported by the driver scanner before you install it on your computer.

The second important criterion to differentiate between good scanning software and the incompetent is the number of driver entries the software has. The more entries the software has, the more devices can be supported.

There are many driver scanners on the internet, but some of them don’t have adequate drivers to support all the PC devices and portable devices. The acknowledged number of drivers that can support 99% devices from all manufacturers is 100,000. If the scanner has no more than 100,000 drivers, you could weed it out from your selection list.

Apart from system compatibility and driver number, you should give close attention to the scanning effectiveness of the software. When the driver scan software returns the scanning report, you should check out that if all the models of devices on your computer are correct.

Some low-quality device driver scanners can not precisely detect all the models of computer hardware. What is worse, they may download and install wrong or outdated drivers on your computer. The consequence of installing a wrong or outdated driver is severe. Your device will not work properly and your computer can crash. So you need to carefully check out the scanning effectiveness.


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