Reptiles for Beginners

Surprises are the last thing you want when you bring your reptile home from the store. That’s the number one reason you want to do your research before buying a reptile – it will prepare you for what to expect and will inform you exactly what you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. From the reptile supplies you need to purchase your pet’s climate and diet, you must take everything into consideration so that you and your new pet can live a happy life together.

This article discusses reptile we feel are good for beginners. They fall into this category because of their relatively low maintenance compared to other reptiles. They will still need an investment of time and money (equipment, food, etc.), but there’s no doubt they require less of a time and monetary investment than other reptiles who have complicated diets or environmental needs. Researching your new pet and its needs are still crucial (especially if you’re considering specific reptile species) and is important to avoid problems when you bring home your reptile.

Geckos, specifically Leopard Geckos are perfect for the person leaping into the realm of reptiles. They are small, which means you should only need a 20 gallon tank for them to be comfortable. Since they are not nocturnal, they don’t need special lighting. (You already know that if you’ve done your research!) And the best thing about Geckos? They are easy to handle and extremely gentle. things to do in pomona this weekend

Snakes are also great for beginners. Of course, their diet might be a little off-putting. Pre-killed whole mice or rats are their food of choice – hence the “off-putting” comment. They usually need feeding once a week. So if you’re going away for a few days and need to leave your snake alone you won’t need anyone to come in and feed it for you (assuming, of course, you fed it before you left!) Since Corn snakes only reach three to five feet and are easy to take care of, they are also the perfect snake for starter reptilian owners. However, make sure the lid to their tank fits properly, and tight. They are great escape artists. A Ball Python reaches the same size of a corn snake and can live for twenty to thirty years. They are docile and also easy to care for, so they’re also a great choice for beginners.

Turtles. Most people think that turtles are a great pet for beginners but actually, the opposite is true. Turtles (most commonly found are the red-eared sliders) are messy and can get very large. This means you’ll need a large tank or aquarium along with ultraviolet light to help keep them healthy. The most important thing is to know the proper dietary and environmental requirements of the specific turtle you want before deciding to bring one into your home. They take a great deal of preparation and equipment.


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