Your Free Guide to Kalyan Satta Matka

Satta Matka is a well-known game in India. It has a rich history. Also, Indians have had fun playing this game for a long time now. Matka guessing first started when the British were still ruling India. Playing this game was not legal back then. Matka is still not legal. But people have great fun while playing this.

Satta generally stands for gambling. Matka means pot. You are at the right place if you want to know more about this betting game. Keep on reading to find out more about matka history. You can also learn about how to play this game.

History of Matka

Gambling has been happening in India for a while now. Matka especially stated around the 1960s. Before that, people used to bet over cotton rates. These rates came to the Mumbai Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange. But that stopped after few decades. Then, People found other ways of gambling their money.

Soon, a new game involving pots originated. Indians call the jar ‘matka.’ Players chose three numbers from 0-9 and wrote them on white paper. Then they placed it in a pot. One person pulled out the winning number. The one whose number gets pulled becomes the winner.

Later, the Matka rules changed. Soon, people started a new type of Matka called Worli matka. New Worli Matka came after that. These games used to go on for more than one day. From Mondays to Fridays the games went on. Soon, Matka guessing became very well-known in India.

Two persons proposed the games. They managed a massive matka gambling network. Such persons called themselves ‘matka king.’

Between Old Matka Guessing and Modern Matka Guessing Which One is Better?

Nowadays, matka guessing has become digital. In the past, people needed to gather at the meeting places at the given time. Nowadays, people do not need to go anywhere. One can play from their home and win money.

Also, players needed to write their number choices by their hands. Now, you need to do no such thing. Players can choose their desired set of numbers online. The lottery today is digital. Hence, the ways of cheating have gone down. The modern way of doing things is better.

Yet, there is a drawback to the modern way of playing as well. One can get scammed. So, players should only visit and play from trusted websites and apps. Some examples are Kalyan, Madhuri, Starlines and so on.

Even if the way of playing has changed, the rules have not changed that much. Players still need to choose their numbers and have to guess the winning numbers. Then, they can win. Today matka is being played on an international scale. So, one can win a much higher amount of money.

Winning matka guessing requires luck and experience. One can study the winning charts or make some theories of their own to win the game. New players can take help from many videos that are available online. You can learn the trick. Then winning might become easier.